Flying Charter With Dogs: Is It Worth It? This Will Help You Decide!

September 23, 2014

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Flying with dogs can be very challenging.

If you love your pet as much as I do…

 photo 1924494_10202721495552336_2098497947_n_zps8590a4c7.jpg
The thought of putting them under the plane with cargo

…Is NOT an option!


When deciding how to get my two dogs to the Bahamas safely,

I weighed many options, including using a shipping company.


When it came down to it,

I decided that the safety of my dogs

way outweighs the cost of investing in


…A charter flight!


Plus, it is a much more hassle free way of flying yourself, you can

avoid TSA screenings and maneuvering through large airports.


For our journey to the Bahamas we wanted to bring way more stuff

than a traditional commercial airline would allow for.


When traveling internationally with pets, you have to get a travel license


which is usually valid for one year and requirements vary per country.


Included in the check at customs is a vet registered health certificate,

made out 24 hours or less prior to flying into the country.


As we took a 3 day road trip from Ohio to Miami, we visited Sunset Pet Hospital

and had a wonderful experience with Dr. Ricardo Caballero and the front desk staff.

 photo e046f7c6-b6a0-408e-8781-0374cd8d08e0_full_zpsbf56c2dc.jpeg

 photo unnamed-19_zpsf558207b.jpg

Zoe anxiously awaiting her appointment :)

 photo unnamed-20_zpsd05a0071.jpg


They did a very thorough check to make sure all of the paper work was filled out correctly so we wouldn’t have any problems once arriving to the Bahamas.


They were approved, yay!


Immediately after the vet appointments we drove to Orion Jet Center in Opa Locka, FL.

 photo orion-jet-center-main-1_zps8f4a38bd.jpg

They had a nice pet walking area and were very accommodating to the dogs.

 photo unnamed-21_zps05832e14.jpg

We were greeted by our pilot, Angel, from Noble Air Charter.

 photo unnamed-17_zps837fb2e8.jpg

He checked our passports and loaded our luggage into a small cargo area on the NC900

International Couple! 

 photo unnamed_zps498ed1a3.jpg

We were too excited to get on this plane.

 photo unnamed-22_zpsf3f5da2a.jpg

Ben, passport in hand, ready to fly!

 photo unnamed-13_zps9379ce2c.jpg

I love flying, was ready to go!

 photo unnamed-14_zps17b882f9.jpg

With Noble Air Charter:

  • You avoid the hassle of flying out of major metropolitan airports
  • You enjoy not having to arrive at the gate over an hour early and no long lines
  • You enjoy no flight delays or security risks or problems
  • You can take more personal items than commercial airlines
  • You have total flexibility so you can maximize the use of your valuable time
  • Exuma Bahama is less than two hours away
  • Pets welcomed


Our pilot was great, we had a wonderful flight and very smooth landing.

 photo 10551680_778491105523146_6961770452007923804_o_zps0081ec91.jpg

It was completely hassle free and I would highly recommend it when flying with pets

…or doing an extended stay in the Bahamas!

 photo unnamed-16_zps9133dd41.jpg


When we landed at Exuma International customs was a breeze.


Then we went to the Odyssey to pay the private charter processing fee

…while the pilot paid landing fees and international tax.

 photo unnamed-23_zpsb308a4b5.jpg

Bahamians are very chilled out, incredibly welcoming and friendly.


I felt at home immediately upon arrival.

 photo Bahamas-Fam-trip-Aug-2010-067_zps5b7fa18d.jpg


The trip went much smoother and much easier than expected.

The dogs were amazingly good and traveled well.


And we are here and settled!


Welcome to our Bahamian Adventures…

Stay tuned as we are just getting started…


Cheers, Anji









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2 Responses to “Flying Charter With Dogs: Is It Worth It? This Will Help You Decide!”

  1. Jo Preston Says:

    I’m impressed and so glad you’re all safe and happy!! What a wonderful trip!! Now have a fabulous on-going!!! :)

  2. Tara Woodruff Says:

    Every single Thing in this blog about your journey to your new home Makes me happy!