How To Earn IBOtoolbox Advertising Credits

October 10, 2014

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Anji Long | Online Entrepreneur
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IBO Toolbox is a social networking site for business owners. Plug in and expand your network with serious entrepreneurs, while gaining maximum exposure through free advertising.

Advertising within the platform is a large part of IBO Toolbox. Running a banner ad or list style ad with IBO Toolbox will help your business gain much needed exposure!

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Credits are used for members to run ads. IBO Toolbox is a notoriously FREE platform. You are able to earn the credits needed to run your ads at zero cost to you. You also have the option to purchase credits at a very low cost. Check out the earning credits section below and learn more about how you can earn these credits.

Ads on IBO Toolbox work off of impressions. You can get impressions by converting credits (earned or purchased). Convert your credits to impressions through the conversion tool. Each credit gives you 5 impressions.

100 credits gives you 500 impressions, or 500 times an ad will be seen. Each time your ad displays, impressions are deducted. The ads shut down when impression credits run out. Earn more credits in order to continuing running the ad or create new ads.

You can earn credits simply through using the system. Tasks you do everyday will help you earn advertising credits. You can build unlimited credits through the platform but if you really want to scale up your marketing go ahead and purchase credits!


Ways you can earn FREE credits:

  • NEW USER -  When signing up for the system, and earning their first star, users will receive 500 credits!
  • REFERRING USERS -  When a new user signs up through your invitations (Invite, email, Facebook or links) you will receive 200 credits (400 for IBO contributor badge holders) after they have earned their first star.
  • WRITING PRESS RELEASES – Receive 20 credits (40 for IBO contributor badge holders) per PR submitted through IBOtoolbox (Max 2/day). Also: 100 credit AUTHENTIC content bonus
  • LOGGING IN -  One time per day when you log in, you will receive 25 credits (50 for IBO contributor badge holders).
  • PR/VIDEO COMMENTING –  If you have at least 5 stars, you will earn 5 credits (10 for IBO contributor badge holders) per press release or video comment. Limit 1 per PR/video.
  • NEWSLETTERS –  Read the IBOtoolbox newsletter and get a credit code worth 50 credits. Published every Sunday!
  • IBO TRAINING WEBINARS –  Learn how to use this system every Wednesday @ 8PM EST & SATURDAY @ 12PM EST and get a credit code worth 200 credits.
  • FACEBOOK THURSDAYS –  Every Thursday IBOtoolbox admins put a credit code on the Facebook page!
  • TWITTER TUESDAYS –  Every Tuesday IBOtoolbox admins tweet a credit code!
  • BONUS CREDIT CODES –  While using this platform, IBOtoolbox admin will from time to time, post credit codes onto the IBO wall (dashboard). These credits codes will earn you 50 credits.
  • IBOTOOLBOX CONTRIBUTORS –  IBOcontributor badge holders receive double earned credits.

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How To Convert Credits

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2 Responses to “How To Earn IBOtoolbox Advertising Credits”

  1. Marlene Ferreira Says:

    Wow, so much value. It’s like Christmas!

  2. Kris Boszko Says:

    Hey Anji! ..

    Another get blog!
    8| …

    I like the way you formatted it, very organized.

    I’ve been interested in IBO for a while but I didn’t know how to monetize it or build a network…

    ( BUT now it should be all clear to me right??? ;) ) …and now you inspired me to take action on it :) .

    …. Despite all that BS that other week, I know you’re a good person and I admire you; on your side ;)

    Remember when I reached out in January 2014 ? ? ?
    … well I’m still following you and learning.

    My business(es) have IMPROVED SOOOOO much partly to your’e mentoring.

    Keep it up bosslady!
    You F###### ROCK! …. and keep it up cuz I need a leader like you, … almost a few others I have.

    Hope to do business again soon!

    Message me on FB! … I’d follow you in IG, but my Galaxy is toast… time for an up grade..

    ANYWAYS…. I’m gonna study IBO and make AWESOME blog and YouTube content about it.. clearly, it’s PROFITABLE lol…

    Hope to chat soon killa! BTW… tell Ben I said hey ;)