Unveiling Your Calling To Live In Abundance, Ease & Flow

October 10, 2016

Enlightened Entrepreneur


Anji Long | Online Entrepreneur
Encouraging You To Live Your Passion!

"If you can dream it, You can achieve it!" ~Walt Disney

Everyone has a calling. When you’re living your calling you’re truly electric. You are living in abundance, ease and flow.
One of my favorite quotes by Oprah Winfrey:
Your calling isn’t something someone can tell you about. It’s something you feel. It’s the thing that gives you juice. That thing you are supposed to do. You know it inside yourself.
It’s a deep knowing and its in all of us.
When you’re not living your calling, you feel out of alignment, like you’re forcing and stressing to make things work.
Most of us know our calling and some of us believe that we don’t.
If you are in the belief that you don’t know your calling then you will have a feeling of searching, constant searching for it.
Still not sure?
Well, There are some tricks to find it and it may not be what you expect.
So if I asked you…
What are you more afraid of than anything in the world.
If fear were not a factor, what is the one thing you fear that you would love to do?
Your resistance outlines where you need to go.
The interesting thing about our calling is this…
It may not be pretty. You may have a persistent pain or frustration around it. There may be an issue keeps tugging on your heart.
Or you may have a distinct feeling you’ve been given a mission here.
When we begin working on it we feel in alignment, ease and flow
But usually there is a great resistance towards our calling and we actually don’t want to run towards it. It seems too big, too far out of reach for us.
You must know that you don’t have everything you need to do it initially. So you may think its not meant to be. However, the real truth is that you will gather what you need as work towards it.
You are not who you need to be YET to complete your calling. But when you start taking these simple actions that I’m outlining for you here, you will begin udnercovering what you need piece by piece.
Our calling grows us into that person. Our calling serves 2 purposes.
1. to bring light into the world and
2. to grow us
What you are you resisting? Let’s work together to overcome that. Let’s conquer it!
A lot of people truly truly believe they don’t know. But really they just aren’t tuned into themselves. Or maybe they are then…
That resistance takes over,
the self sabotage.
sabotage by other people
We get this idea we aren’t worthy.
When we show signs of going to the light when we are little, others are threatened by that and they encourage us to play small.
How are you going to be a writer? You can’t make a living doing that.
You internalize that voice and it comes back.
Sabotage by others is a very real thing. And, many of us also sabotage ourselves.
You’re almost there and you do something to blow it. I’ve done that many times in my life.
All of these things play into you not fulfilling your true potential. Not living a full life. Feeling like you’re missing something.
And you are!
You’ve landed here because you are finally ready. You are truly truly ready, or you wouldn’t have been open to listening to an audio like this.
So let’s break through.
Pull out your journal and jot down the answers to these questions:
What are you more afraid of than anything in the world.
If fear were not a factor, what is the thing you fear you would like to do?
What is that thing that you feel called to do deep in your heart.
That is where you need to focus your energy RIGHT now. Complete that exercise and…
At this time I invite you to visit UnleashTheFortuneWithin.com to really dig into clearing all of these blocks, have the tribe and community support to bring out your greatness.
None of us do this alone. Open yourself up to the greatness in others that can unveil the greatness in you.
Anji xo
Remember, you electrify your life through your choices, those small daily actions. Start now! Start today!



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